Clients need legal services, not necessarily lawyers

The law is not limited to the services of lawyers, we understand that.

Business challenges often raise legal issues so business owners will always need legal services but not necessarily a lawyer. The law isn’t limited to the service of lawyers so in addition to competent attorneys, we maintain a range of professionals on staff to fill these needs.

Existing businesses:
We offer accounting services allowing you to outsource a necessary element of your business while also ensuring your enterprise is being conducted within the requirements of the law. When there any updates or modifications required for required registrations, these can be handled with a simple phone call (or email) when you take advantage of our consulting services which also includes contract review and other general legal advice.

New businesses:
From company structure to valuation, starting a new business begins with proper registration in which our staff has years of experience. Whether it’s a Thai or foreign managed enterprise, this first step is an important part of a company’s success. Need work permits for foreign staff? Our staff has built a reputation for fast, affordable setup for clients with businesses of all sizes.

Private individuals:
For clients who have built a considerable portfolio of assets, wills and prenuptial agreements can be of great assistance in easing one’s peace of mind. The language and structure of these agreements are important to their legality so leave this concern to us. The future may be uncertain but one can plan for it with certainty.

General clients:
Due to the international makeup of our clients and their concerns, we provide notary and other clerical services required for validation and legal standing for related documents. In addition, we handle property management concerns, immigration requirements and other personal or business issues. If you’d like to inquire about what we can do for you specifically, contact us to discuss your legal concerns and how we can assist you!

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