How to legally buy and own property in Thailand

One of the most frequent inquiries received is how to buy and own property legally in Thailand. While there are many steps to the process, the first step for a foreign entity interested in Thai property ownership is to acquire legal representation. Navigating the laws and regulations for these investments can be a complex process so it’s important to have representation that has extensive knowledge and experience.

We have assisted many clients in successfully acquiring property including land with existing structures, condominium units and contracts for future development projects. In short, the requirements for each situation may vary so it’s best to contact us for a consultation in order to assess the details of your investment.

At the moment, much of our communication is conducted online so even if you’re not in Thailand, an online video conference can be arranged. Visit our contact page for the required information to reach us. We understand the importance of making a secure investment and can help to give you peace of mind.


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