Our work with COVID restrictions

Currently, we – like many in the legal community – are facing challenges that have arisen due to the COVID-19 restrictions on group activity. Our work is often time sensitive and closures of essential services – specifically – access to the court and it’s proceedings. Hearings, trials and mediations that will normally be held at court are obviously group activities. Since the dominant various of the virus is spreading so rapidly, it’s no wonder they have been postponed.

However, there have been steps taken by the administrators of Thai courts to adapt to the situation. Due to the fact there is no definitive timeline at the moment, this is more than an inconvenience to those waiting for justice via the legal system. Therefore, filings for legal concerns are now being accepted and many legal proceedings are conducted online. We’ve conducted case review and mediations, taken testimony all via video conferencing.

Our goal is to continue to provide the best legal assistance available so we are fortunate that we have the ability to adapt to the situation. To our followers: How have things changed where you are and what ways are you adapting to life under the circumstances?


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